In everything that happens at GENNEW, we strive to provide a welcoming experience for our clients and families. Building a relationship of understanding and professionalism, while also remaining genuine to ourselves is what one should expect when obtaining services from our staff. The services provided consistently change as we are flexible to the needs of the community around us. This means that we will offer training to parents, groups for adults, adolescents, and children. Providing detailed reports for Mental Health, working with the criminal justice system, or even family reunification. Please take some time to browse through some of the services that are offered currently. 

At GENNEW excellent service is not a rare occurrence but a mandated expectation. 


In Person Sessions

Traditional sessions in which you would come to the office and meet with your therapist for the specified service.

Telehealth Sessions

These are sessions in which you would meet with your therapist using secured video. You can use a cellphone, mac, pc or any other device capable of making a call. The session is secured by a HIPPA approved program to meet with the therapist online instead.


This service is catered to couples who are struggling with an issue and would like to work together in the process with a trained therapist.


This is traditional therapy in which the client works one on one with their therapist on an identified issue. 

Family Therapy

This therapy consists of two or more people within the same family unit. Family therapy is geared to understanding what positive communication is and learning skills that can be used outside of the session. Conflict can be resolved with loved ones so long as all participants are willing to try.

Group Therapy

The client would join a group therapy session in which a therapist and 4-8 people who share a theme would work through the problem in a different modality. Group therapy themes include: Anxiety Groups, Anger Management Groups, Grief Groups and many others. Group therapy costs less than other therapy modalities and can be useful in using skills learned from individual therapy.

Neuro-Psych Assessments

We provide in depth assessments of multiple sources. The assessments are completed by a licensed psychologist and can be very helpful for many purposes. These tests results can inform: schools, justice system, employment and many other areas. 

Clinical Supervision
for SW and MHC

Therapist themselves need therapy also. We provide targeted therapy to providers working in the field. This service can also be used to complete clinical supervision towards licensure as the supervision is conducted by approved supervisors carrying LICSW or LMHC licensure. 

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